Journey to Adulthood

Journey to Adulthood is a six-year process that incorporates three phases. Each level lasts for 2 years, and the group of young people then move to the next stage together, to form a cohesive group. Along the way there are significant Rites of Passage to celebrate the transitions from childhood to young adulthood.

RITE 13 for 7th & 8th graders — focuses on community building, creativity, and growing independence. The Rite 13 ceremony, celebrated in the spring of seventh grade, is a liturgical rite of passage in which participants and their families mark the transition from childhood into adolescence.

J2A & for 9th – 12th graders — focuses on building the skills of adulthood, exploring the mystery of our faith heritage, and serving the needs of the world around us. The Urban Adventure, an experiential plunge into a challenging urban setting, is a milestone for this group. The ministry celebrates the gifts each participant brings as a young adult leader in the community and explores the intersection of faith and the world. The youth take a spiritual pilgrimage each June. The spiritual pilgrimage serves as a profound opportunity to live into the journey of faith as a lifelong adventure.

Please contact Lauren Dockery for more information.