St. Paul’s Archives

St. Paul’s is a long-established parish with a rich history and the specifics are worth preserving. In the mid-1980s, the Rev. Nick White (14th Rector) established archival space for our historic records and objects. Since then, they have been stored in the Archives. A great first step.

Now the Archives are moving forward with goals to:

  • Install Atmosphere control, archival quality racks and storage containers.
  • Organizing, classifying and indexing current documents.
  • Reaching out to those with documents or records we need and encourage them to add them to our Archives.
  • Begin the transfer of content to electronic media.
  • Present exhibits & displays of our history in the balcony niche.

An Archives Committee has been formed with initial members Sandy Ellis, Mark Souther and William Vodrey. Feel free to share your ideas and comments with us. We intend to post documents from the Archives here as they become available digitally.

Blueprints of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cleveland Heights, Ohio: In general, the blueprints begin with the construction of our Fairmount Blvd Church beginning in the mid-1920s.  Blueprints for our earlier churches (E. 4th & Euclid and E. 40th & Euclid) have not been located. Access to the actual blueprints for interested persons is by calling the Parish Office and is limited to those with architectural, physical or historic needs to handle the fragile prints.